Program Overview


Who are we? 

The Capital Wolves are Girls Youth Hockey program located in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area. We started with the 2017-2018 USA Hockey season, and has grown to over 80 skaters and 6 teams in 2018-2019. The program skates girls teams at the U10, U12, U14, and U19 levels, and competes in the CHC and CGHL conferences.


Our Goal.

Developed in large part thanks to rising numbers and tremendous interest across the Greater Hartford region, the goal of this collaborative effort is to provide an opportunity for girls of various ages and skill levels to have a local place to play hockey, while simultaneously helping to build and grow a unique program to compete at all levels against other girls and boys programs throughout CT and New England. We have built and continue to enhance an environment for our players to have a great experience, develop as hockey players, learn teamwork, and have a ton of fun both on and off the ice. We're always looking for additional players to join us, new or experienced. If you want to learn more and can't find your answer here, contact us at  


Our Teams in 2022-2023.

This season we have just over 80 girls skating, up roughly 10 from last season. We have 5 travel teams and 1 house team - with 2 U10 teams, 2 U12 teams, 1 U14/15 team, and 1 U19 split season team. 

Leagues and Competition

The Capital Wolves participate in both the CHC and CGHL conferences. While our teams participate in the girls divisions of both leagues, all of our teams play games against not only girls teams but some co-ed matchups as well. Our travel teams skate and compete in the same divisions as surrounding area programs, including Shoreline Sharks, Northern Lights, Wolfpack, Amherst, etc. Our travel teams partipate in New England area tournaments, like the Cranberry Tournament, and do play some games against teams in Massachusetts. Our developmental teams participate in local house leagues, with a select set of travel games throughout the season.  

Our travel teams this season consist of:

U10 RED – CGHL, CHC Undeclared

U12 RED – CGHL, CHC Tier 2

U12 BLUE – CGHL, CHC Undeclared

U14 RED – CHC Tier 2




The Capital Wolves are part of both the West Hartford and Central Youth Hockey Associations. The organization was founded to take advantage of the numbers of girl players in both organizations, with the goal of developing area skaters on teams with like-skilled players, offering developmental and competitive travel teams. We have members on both boards, and both organizations provide leadership and administrative support for the Capital Wolves, including scheduling, finances, rostering, etc.  

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