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2018-2019 OUTLOOK & TEAMS

The Capital Wolves are skating five travel teams this season, as well as one house team at the U10 level.   Including:


  • U10 RED  (2008, 2009, 2010*) - Full travel team.   Participates in the CGHL, including a CHC (co-ed) slate of games.
  • U10 BLUE   (House,  2008 & Under) Participates in the CCYHA House league, with a limited travel schedule (CGHL D2).
  • U12 RED   (2006, 2007) A-level team, participates in both the CHC and CGHL leagues.
  • U12 BLUE  (2006, 2007, 2008*) Participates in both the CHC and CGHL leagues.
  • U14 RED   (2004, 2005) A-level team, participates in the CHC (and CGHL leagues.  CHC 2004/2005 national eligible.
  • U15 RED   (2004, 2005, 2006*) Participates in the CGHL league.
  • U19 Split Season (2003 & Older) - Split season team for those playing high school.  May have a limited winter game/practice schedule.  CGHL/CHC.

*Open to experienced travel hockey players.  Player must have the appropriate skill, size, and travel experience to "play up."

Our goal continues to be to balancing developmental and competitive skaters, creating rosters that are as like-skilled as possible - to maximize the development of each player, and the competitiveness of each team.  We also work to keep kids in their designated age groups, as much as possible.  


U10 HOUSE (Blue) - This team will be geared for like-skilled U10-aged girls who are new to travel hockey, or perhaps hockey in general, and will be designed to prepare the girls for full travel hockey at a higher level for seasons to come.  The goal is to focus on hockey skill and skating development, team camaraderie, building confidence on the ice, and creating a team environment that is safe and fun for the girls.

The House Team Structure will be as follows:

  • Adherence to the ADM skill development model.
  • Higher practice to game ratio – 3-4 ice sessions per week
  • Roughly 1 game per week – with participation in the local house league, and limited home/travel games with like-skilled teams in the greater Central Connecticut region
  • Participation in the Connecticut Girl Hockey League (CGHL) Jamboree