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I have a 2008 with travel experience, interested in "playing up" on U12.  Which tryout should we attend?  Please plan to have your daughter attend both the U10 and U12 tryouts the first night.  The tryout committee will instruct you on which tryout to attend on nights two and three.  


My daughter is interested in playing goalie for either U10 or U12.  When should we dress as a goalie?  For night one (3/19) everyone should skate out.  Nights two and three goalies should dress as goalies, unless otherwise instructed.  


How does check-in work?  Players are required to check-in each night of tryouts, at which point they will be handed a pinnie jersey and a number.  Pinnies should be placed over their practice jerseys, and numbers should be affixed to their packs - with the full number easily visible (no hair/equipment in the way).  


When should we arrive?  Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your tryout time.  Allow your child enough time to register and get a pinnie/number, gear up completely (full gear required), and hit the ice on time.


How do pinnies work?  Players will receive their pinnies each session, so please return them to registration on your way out each night.  Players will wear the same pinnie for all three nights, with no number changes.


Do we need to attend all sessions, and what if we can't make it?  Players need to attend all sessions for their tryouts.  If you are unable to attend, please contact us ASAP.  


When will coaching announcements be made?  The plan is to announce the head coaches for each team after the third session (assistants will be named later).  


When will team assignments be made?  Players will be notified of their assignments via phone or email.  Teams will be announced and communicated once commitments and registrations are complete.‚Äč