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Each age group will participate in three sessions for tryouts.  Players will be split into groups and attend three tryout sessions.  Players must attend the tryout times assigned to them. Players will be given a pullover with a number to wear for each tryout. Players should hand in their number and pullover after each tryout session, unless communicated otherwise.  


Players will be evaluated by a group of no less than 3 evaluators with extensive hockey backgrounds.  At least two of the evaluators will be from outside the organization.  The Tryout Committees for both CCYHA and WHYHA will oversee the evaluators and final placements.  


All Teams and Coaches will be picked shortly after the conclusion of the final tryout.  Coaches will be posted on the Capital Wolves website, and players will be informed of their selection individually or on the website.  As the parents/players are notified of their team selection, the Capital Wolves will be looking for a verbal commitment to play on the team next season.  We will not be pressuring anyone to commit on the spot, but a rapid response ensures we can treat everyone fairly, as well as communicate to all players as quickly as possible.    


After the players are notified they will need to register online for their new team.  Rosters will then be set, and we'll schedule an open house to sign Commitment Agreements, collect USAH Registrations and do uniform fittings.


Please refrain from any contact or attempts to engage in any type of conversations with the evaluation committee and coaches during the tryout process.  The committee is there to provide a service to our program and their objective is to pick the teams based on skill levels, performance, and past evaluation.  For questions please contact the Capital Wolves directors.


The evaluation process consists of the following:

  • Up to 6 independent evaluators first ranking the players into two groups after the first tryout session, then ranking the players during the final two tryout sessions and place them on teams.
  • Tryout Committees from both WHYHA and CCYHA will oversee each age group. 
  • Upon completion of the on ice tryout process, our evaluators and Board Members overseeing that age group will review the evaluators placements and will consult the players evaluations done by the previous seasons coaches to look for any inconsistencies in placement.